Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals

Idea, text, concept and direction: Barbara Geiger

Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals spells thrilling science theatre. The girl is heralding a new age of awareness by disclosing scientifically sound observance of modern field research and even some of her very own personal encounters with wild animals like earthworms… Mind boggling background information resulting in astounding knowledge about Barbara Geiger, author and director of the science theatre plays has cooperated closely with science to put together astonishing facts about European Fauna and invented the charming figure of Frollein Brehm to give the audience a unique insight into the realm of animals – with the blessings of science naturally! The plays are being constantly updated as results of field research pour in. 

Get closer to science than you ever been before, watch: Frollein Brehm’s Life of Animals – live on stage or online.

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