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For some it’s just peanuts, for others it’s a fortune. Hence we have ticket prices relative to your income. Each and every pays the same percentage for a ticket. The basic price amounts to 9 Euro. For the average wage earner this means 0.63 per cent of his or her net income.
That implies the following conversion key: net income x 0.63 per cent = ticket price
Fair prices for a just world!

An overview over the resulting ticket prices can be found here: Relatives Preissystem

You can also book a Frollein.
Terms by arrangement


For questions regarding booking arrangements please contact:
Johannes Kasperczyk
Phone: 030-12091785
Mobile: 0171-4941169

Necessary technical equipment

Beamer, Screen (white wall), Sound system to play back animals sounds.


Conferences, congresses, environmental festivals and similar occasions
20 minutes extracts of the repertoire dependent on nach agreement and und specifications of the event.

Performances at schools
Possible from 3rd grades upwards.
Length of performances 3rd to 4th grade, ca. 90-100 minutes
Length of performances 5th to 6th grade, ca. 90 minutes
Length of performances 7th to 12th grade, ca. 70 minutes

Maximum number of students: 60 children of age group 3rd to 4th grade
Maximum number of students: 60 children of age group 5th to 6th grade
Maximum number of students: 80 children of age group 7th to 12th grade

Public performances: size of audience unlimited. Suitable for children of eight years of age and over.

Important: Each performance can be combined with scientific or other lectures of all kinds or excursions.

Bank Details
GLS Gemeinsschaftsbank eG
BLZ 430 609 67
IBAN DE74 430 609 67 112 695 1500
Konto 112 695 15 00